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Prepared Dim Sum Experience

At Pina Express, we provide a high quality and well executed frozen dim sum experience for young adults, new parents, and anyone else looking for a reliably impressive meal at home.

Founded in 2020,  PINA EXPRESS inspired by the amazing flavors of Asian cuisine and bold flavors- unique, flavorful ingredients blended together to bring every bite of our food to its own experience.



It all started when I was around 8 and my grandmother had taken me to the H-mart down the street from where I grew up in Baltimore to get the dumplings I was craving. I was so excited to returned home after shopping and deep fry my dumplings! 


Nearly two years later, I would have real peking duck and dumplings as well as gyoza as my mother began expanding my palete. This was when I began cooking and learned to pan fry my dumplings.


Fast forward 8 years to college at the Culinary Institute of America where I developed a weekend hobby with friends of making our own dumplings! I was always trying to understand more. After settling in Rochester with my now-wife Rachel, I was fortunate enough to build the blocks into making my hobby a real business. 

Ricardo Pina, Founder & Chef at Pina Express